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    Chilicon Power Introduction

Self-Terminating Trunk Cable System

    Self-Termination Diagram


    CP-250E-60/72-208/240-MC4 - Datasheet

    CP-Gateway - Datasheet

Application Notes and Manuals

    CP-250E-60/72-208/240-MC4 - Quick Instruction Insert

    CP-250E-60/72-208/240-MC4 - User Manual

    CP-Gateway - Quick Instruction Insert

    CP-Gateway - User Manual

    Setting Up Chilicon Power Self-Supply Mode with Zero Net Export

CEC Ratings

    CP-250 CEC ratings under 240V and 208V operation

25 Year Warranty

    CP-250 Limited Warranty 

UL Test Summaries

   CP-250E-60/72-208/240-MC4 UL1741, IEEE 1547, CSA C22.2 #107.1, CSA TIL I-35 Authorization to Mark   

   CP-250E Enclosure NEMA 6 Rating (Submersible) 

   T6 (Modular Trunk) T5 (Modular Branch) AC Trunk Cabling Ratings and Listings

FCC Part 15 B Summary

   CP-250E (formerly named CP-220) CISPR 22 Class B

   CP-100 Gateway CISPR 22 Class B

ARRA Compliance

  Chilicon Power Statement of Product Compliance with ARRA


Gateway Filesystem Recovery Files

  If instructed by Chilicon engineers, download these files and place on a formatted SD card, then place back into your gateway. Your site configuration will be lost, but Chilicon can easily restore that. Unzip the contents and place on the top level of the filesystem (not in a subfolder)

   Gateway FileSystem