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Chilicon Power brings you Gateway Monitoring:
No waiting, immediate
realtime feedback
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When your team has finished an installation, you want them on the road—going to the next job site.
Now with Chilicon Power, you can save both time and money. Chilicon Gateway devices come provisioned with Wi-Fi and Ethernet peripherals and FAST Power Line Communication (PLC) pairing for immediate real-time feedback—NO waiting. Inverter power information is displayed on the gateway color touch screen immediately so you can detect any issues before you leave the site.
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Attractive Cabling System

Modular Trunk Cable with Self-Termination

The trunk cabling portion of a microinverter system is extremely important since it directly impacts labor costs at an installation site. The Chilicon modular trunk and branch cabling system incorporates industry standard VNTC tray cable with a UV and cut resistant outer jacket. Each 'modular' component of the 4 conductor cable plugs together right on the job site. For the first time...CLICK HERE